Rite Of Passage Mexico is a fully-licensed alternative care center that specializes in the definite interruption of physical and chemical dependency, as well as mental disorders by employing the amazing Ibogaine and Ayahuasca treatments in our unique perfected protocols. Our clinic visualizes as a home and vacation like environment within a safe gated community in one of the most prestigious areas of the beautiful coast of Ensenada, Baja California Mexico. Our patient’s safety and wellbeing is assured by the care provided through a completely licensed and certified staff, from the doctor that first revises you on your arrival and the nurses that provide 24-hour care, to the licensed chef that serves your every day meal. Here we have learned by experience that the only way to give our patients the fighting chance to recover their life is through the recovery of the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.We work around a protocol that has been modified and remodified to its perfection and continuously improved till date. This protocol is hand tailored for each one of your individual necessities, in which you will be guided throughout the whole process with scientific fact and knowledge for your own growth in to be a healthy and productive human being.The change that you will go through is immediately reflected and visible from the 2nd to 3rd day in, which in most cases plays an important role in our patient’s motivation to continue the process.

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Give yourself the chance to experience the true opportunity to change and improvement, recover your life, reset your mind to a pre-addicted state by witnessing the extraordinary results of the Ibogaine and Ayahuasca plant medicine’s. Stop your grief and sorrow in the search for a solution through the immense array of miss-promising rehab programs, that end in nothing but disappointment. To learn more about what we can offer you, contact us today.


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Zen environment

Give yourself a get away from the typical non-effective rehab atmosphere, you will find in your local reintegration institution. At our alternative care center, you will be surrounded by a clean, calm, homelike environment, so that you may focus 100% on your physical, mental and spiritual recovery.

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Fast and easy recovery

You will see that in your daily schedule most of the activities will seem as if you were on a spa-like vacation. Our individually crafted alternative care protocols are designed to give you the fastest, easiest and safest recovery from your condition. We concentrate our efforts in assisting you in each of the very important parts of your personal protocol, so that you may perceive the everyday progress throughout the process.

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Fully licensed personnel

At our alternative care center, we count with a team of fully licensed professionals. You will be assisted throughout your stay, by licensed-certified nurses, as well as routine checks from a licensed in-house doctor, and examined by our licensed qualified specialist such as a cardiologist, and anesthesiologist. We stay ever vigilant during your stay, in keeping your health and wellbeing always present.

Our Mission

Provide our patients with a professional treatment of alternative medicine, with personalized attention of the highest quality levels.

Our Vision

Discover, perfect and regulate diverse protocols of alternative medicine, supervised by the use of medical knowledge to treat illnesses and conditions of today's society.


Restore our patients power to reintegrate in a normal daily life by detoxing and freeing the body of all kinds of dependencies to legal or illegal chemical substances that harm the organism; along with balancing and nourishment of the body through a harmonic and homelike environment.

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Our facility

Our clinic visualizes as a home and vacation like environment within a safe gated community in one of the most prestigious areas of the beautiful coast of Ensenada, Baja California Mexico.

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Welcome to your second home

Where your path to recovery begins

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Your safety

Always comes first.

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Five star


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