Important to know
before taking any desision

You want true change, come and act upon that desire.

Important to know:

Rite Of Passage Mexico is an alternative care center, run by owners who understand the meaning of family. We keep our standards high and will always protect our patient’s wellbeing and health. The period that we recommend you stay, will depend solely on what your dependence or disorder may be. We will only asses an honest and professional opinion. When you come, you will soon enough see that greed is not a part of our business. If after all the medical examinations, we see that you are not a candidate for the treatment you seek, we will immediately disclose the reason why, and provide you with any available options that we might have. Remember your safety will ALWAYS come first. It is important you know a few of our rules before deciding to invest your time and money on our protocol:

• We DO NOT allow smoking at our alternative care center. We have found by experience, that the only true way to make your treatment effective, is by a complete detoxification of your system. Inducing chemicals and contaminating your lungs with cigarrete smoke, will not show a positive result. It will not help us provide you with the results we promise. We are committed to delivering amazing outcomes, we do not settle for ordinary results. If mediocre results are what you’re looking for, we’d rather just not treat you and avoid wasting your time and money. Electronic cigarrete is not allowed as a substitute, it simply is another way of hurting your lungs. We can assure you that, if you follow the protocol and comply with the treatments, the cigarrete craving will subside and when you receive your treatment you will see that you will no longer want to contaminate your body with those toxins.

• It is important to keep in mind and be aware that Ibogaine IS NOT a “Magic Bullet” nor does is brainwash you, it is an interrupter of dependence, withdrawal and cravings. You need to want the change, and you need to want to act against your dependency or disorder. If you’re thinking of taking Ibogaine or Ayahuasca just to see “what’s up”, then you will only be wasting your time and money. You do need to take in consideration, that even your environment at home will need a few improvements to help with the long-term effects (to avoid the possibility of relapse).

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• You should also plan ahead for an aftercare program or phycological therapy, and if possible keep it in a holistic approach. After finishing your treatment, we recommend you stay away from alcohol, medication, cigarettes, and any other negative substances that you know will not help you keep healthy.

• You must take in notice that when you decide to reserve at Rite Of Passage Mexico, you will be asked to pay a deposit, and before or upon your arrival we will ask that you pay the full balance of your treatment. The deposit basically covers the initial expanses of your arrival, and if you decide to leave before the 72-hour period, this deposit will not be reimbursed. If you decide the treatment is not for you after this 72-hour period, you will lose your deposit, you will also be charged for each day you stay, and you will only be reimbursed for the days remaining according to the daily cost of your treatment.

• If after examination by our doctors and specialists, we find that you are not a candidate for our protocols: We will only charge you the deposit and reimburse you the rest.

• Upon your arrival, we will perform a complete search through your belongings. This is done just to protect you from yourself, and to avoid you taking anything that could interact negatively with your treatment.

• Electronic devices you bring with you, will be stored and you will not have access to them till after your treatment. It is import to be completely focused down your road to recovery. If you prove to have a business in which you will need to stay in touch, then will discuss options on how we can manage accommodating access to your laptop or phone. We count with land lines, which can only be used by patients for calls to parents, wife, children, and the use of the phone will be under supervision (to avoid misuse of the land line). You should plan ahead before coming, so that people that care for you don’t get worried about your absence.

• If you do not comply with the treatments that are assigned to you for your recovery, we will be forced to let you return home. We will not hold anyone against their own will, these protocols are designed for those who truly want the help.

• Violence between patients or towards the staff will not be tolerated, we are here to help. We are not planning to fight with you down your path to happiness. If this does occur, you will be sent home immediately.

• If you decide to leave and we can’t convince you otherwise, you don’t need to overreact, we will simply ask you to buy your plane ticket home, and we will transport you to the airport for your own safety.

We are proud of our job as participants in witnessing lives being changed, and this brings us extreme satisfaction. We do not take credit for the astonishing results the alternative care protocols provide. We are merely tools preparing you for the best and safest treatment possible. Ibogaine and Ayahuasca are the powerful plant medicines that finish off the job, and we respect them for it. Don’t wait any longer, take the chance to meet a true solution.

• For your comfort, let me inform you that we are highly professional in dealing with our patient’s information. We do not disclose, or make public in social media or any other method, any of your medical and personal information. Before doing this, we will fist agree with you or your parents depending on your current situation. Our Ethics mean a lot to us.